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When the church moved to a larger location around 1860, all remains were to have been exhumed and re-interred at Mount Moriah Cemetery north of the city, according to historical documents. But as PMC Properties, the general contractor and owner of the site, started work on the 10-story, 116-unit apartment building, it became apparent not all of the remains were moved. In the fall, workers found a smattering of bones at the site. When they hit coffins, the company contacted archaeologists. As many as 60 individuals have been found since February. On Thursday, workers uncovered about two dozen intact coffins and were to continue working through the weekend, she said. The remains will be taken to a forensic-osteology lab at Rutgers-Camden, where they will be documented, cleaned and analyzed. There, researchers will be able to determine the gender, ethnicity and age at death, likely finishing up in the summer, Moran said. They hope to reinter the bodies at Mount Moriah Cemetery.